2017 Trend – Natural Eyebrows

Natural eyebrows

Eyebrows have been a very important part of the makeup scene for years now, but recently they have become one of the biggest trends in the beauty community.  In fact,  many will say they feel naked without their brows done.  Particularly, the ‘brows on fleek’ trend has taken the world by storm.  ‘Brows on fleek’, if you don’t already know, refers to a very filled in architectural brow.  This usually has very sharp, clean edges – especially on the tail of the brow.  This is especially great for those who have very sparse or minimal brow hairs.  This look especially leaked its way into the everyday world through beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts on Youtube and Instagram.

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2016 Trend: Non-Touring


Hi guys!  I’m back again with yet another beauty trend for 2016, especially for this summer-‘non-touring’!  This trend was made especially popular through models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who of course are both stunning ladies.   Basically, the ‘non-touring’ trend is a no makeup makeup look with an emphasis on highlighting and no contouring (hence, ‘non-touring’).  It’s supposed to give you that fresh faced, glowing ‘I woke up like dis’ look, even though clearly you did not woke up like dis.

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2016 Trend: Glossy Skin

glossy skinHey everyone!  One of the newer trends that has been seen on the runway and such lately has been glossy skin.  Especially over the last year, shimmery powder and liquid hightlighters have taken the beauty world by storm.  But this year, it seems as if the new trend may be a more natural glow.  This is created by applying a beauty oil,  Vaseline, or similar type product, to the skin.  This would be lightly dabbed onto the skin in the same places that  you would normally highlight-the top of the cheekbones, above the eyebrows, cupids bow, etc.

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2016 Trend: Color Correcting

color correctingHey guys!  So it looks like one of the big trends of 2016 is going to be color correcting!  I’m seeing so many makeup artists and beauty gurus using color correcting on Instagram and Youtube lately.  Also, I’ve noticed brands coming out with new color correctors.  Urban Decay just came out with the Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid, available in mint, yellow, peach, lavender, and pink.  Sephora just released their Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Correct + Conceal Palette, available in a light/medium palette and a medium/dark palette.  Tarte also just came out with the Rainforest of the Sea Wipeout Color Correcting Palette.  A couple of more affordable favorites are the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Set Orange, Yellow, Green Correctors and the NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer 3CP04 .

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Spring 2016 Trend: Bright Blue Eyes

Spring 2016 TrendHey everyone!  So one thing I have been noticing that looks like it’s going to be a Spring 2016 trend is a pop of blue on the eyes.  The shades I’ve been seeing vary, but they are all in the very bright blue family – such as teal, aqua, and cyan shades.  A lot of people have been applying this pop of color in the form of eyeliner, but I have also seen this placed on the inner corners of the eyes as well.  I personally think, if done correctly, this can be so gorgeous!  Plus, after what seems like an eternity of winter, who doesn’t like a pop of color in anticipation for spring?!  I think these shades are pretty versatile as well; you can use it in a more understated way, for a subtle daytime pop of color, or you can go all out and get as creative and bold as you want.  I think this trend is beautiful and rate it a HOT for spring/summer!  The eyeliner shown above is NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil Electric Blue .  Let me know what you think and share your looks with us!