july 2016 favorites

Monthly Beauty Favorites: July 2016

july 2016 favoritesHey everyone!  Welcome to my new segment-Monthly Beauty Favorites!  I am so excited to start this new post series!  This first one will be for my favorite beauty products for the month of July!  These are all the products that I just haven’t been able to put down and have been obsessed with for this month-let’s get started!

The first thing that I have been completely obsessed with this month is the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  With all the warm and peachy shades, this has been my go to for summer looks.  I did a complete review on this palette alone, check that out here.  My favorite  go-to look this month to create is with the shadows swatched below.  I use Georgia first as my transition shade, then I softly bring puree right into my crease to create some depth.  I then combine both Candied Peach and Just Peachy together on a smaller, more detailed brush and lightly apply this just  above where my natural crease is (right above where I applied puree) and diffuse it out so there are no harsh lines.  Then, I apply Nectar all over the lid only, softly blending it into puree  so, again, there are no harsh lines.  For a more fresh, simple look I will leave it at that.  If I want just a tad more dimension and drama, I will then add a touch of Summer Yum into the outer ‘V’ of my eyelid and blend that slightly into the outer crease and into Nectar to create a smooth transition.  I just love how peachy and summery this look is!

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