DIY Lipstick

diy lipstickHi guys!  So I found this amazing idea on Pinterest-DIY lipstick!!  This looked so easy that I just had to try it out for myself.  Now, to be honest, it almost made me even more skeptical as to how this would actually turn out because it was so simple.  Does anyone else relate to this?  Anyway, here is all that you will need to make your own lipstick:  any loose pigment of your choosing and a lip balm product.  Literally, that is it.  So easy!

So I didn’t have any loose pigment that I wanted to part with on this experiment.  Instead, I went to Target and bought 2 inexpensive blushes.  I used blushes because they seemed way more pigmented than any eyeshadow that I could find there, plus they come in nice shades that could double as lip colors.  I bought NYX Cosmetics High Definition Blush in Electro and CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in True Plum.  As you can see, the NYX was a super hot pink color, and the Covergirl one was a nice mauve color.

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DIY Lip Scrub

lip scrub            lip scrub

Hi guys!  So I was browsing on Pinterest (as per usual) and I kept coming across all these lip scrubs that you can make at home.  I was immediately drawn to this idea because I love matte lip products, so my lips tend to get pretty dry no matter how much lip balm I seem to use.  So, I thought it would be fun to try, plus it looked really easy – which is my speed when it comes to craftiness.  I chose one that boasted to be similar to the ones you can buy at Lush, because you can make different flavors and they are totally edible!  I have used and enjoyed the lip scrubs at Lush, so I was pretty excited.

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