Colourpop zingara eyeshadow collection

Colourpop Zingara Eyeshadow Collection

Colourpop zingara eyeshadow collection

Swatches from top to botttom: Paradox, Jinxie, Elixir, Seeker.

Hey everyone!  Today I am reviewing the Colourpop Zingara Eyeshadow Collection!  This collection includes with four eyeshadows for only $18 – which is super affordable.  It also comes in a super cute box, and I’m a sucker for packaging so I appreciated this.  This is a very ‘fall’ looking collection, but definitely can be used all year ’round.  The shades included are Paradox-a deep burgundy (satin finish), Jinxie-a shimmery gold/champagne, Elixir-an orange-y terracotta (matte finish), and Seeker-a deep reddish brown (matte finish).

I’ve used a ton of Colourpop lip products before, but this is the first time I’ve used their eyeshadows.  To start off, the texture of these eyeshadows are very unusual.  They are a powder, but they almost feel like a cream to the touch.  The texture is almost what I want to describe as ‘bouncy’.  I feel like this formula makes it so that there is minimal fallout.  They are also super pigmented, which is amazing for being so affordable.  When applying these shadows, you will either want to use your fingers or a synthetic brush.  Your fingers will give you the maximum pigment, which is great for packing on the shimmery shades.  Try not to use a natural hair brush, but instead use a synthetic hair brush because this will blend out the product much better.  When using the correct tools, these shadows really do blend easily and seamlessly.  Also, these shadows are going to last you a really long time, because they are so pigmented that you don’t need to use a lot of product at once.  These shadows also have a great wear time and they did not crease on me either.

My favorite shade in the Colourpop Zingara collection is Elixir-it’s just so beautiful!  I love to just throw this in the crease, paired with a simple shimmery lid color (like Jinxie) and I’m done with the easiest makeup look ever.  I’m also obsessed with Paradox-its such a gorgeous burgundy!  I also love how all these colors pair with each other so perfectly, so you can create multiple looks without a ton of thought.  Below is a look I created by using all the colors in the quad.  First, I softly blended Elixir in my crease as my transition color.  Then, I applied Paradox all over my lid and made sure to really take my time blending it into Elixir, so that there were no harsh lines, since it is such a bold color.  It helps to go back into Elixir just a bit and use it to blend Paradox out.  I then used Seeker on my outer v to add some more depth to the look.  I blended this out into the outer third of my lid and slightly into the crease so that there were, again, no harsh lines.  Lastly, I applied Jinxie just to the inner third of my lid and blended it into Paradox.  This just added a little shine and brightness to the look, and also helped open the eyes up a bit.

makeup look using colourpop zingara collection

One drawback to these shadows is that, although cute, the packaging of the eyeshadows is a bit bulky.  Also, although not a huge problem for me personally, but the fact that these really only work well with synthetic bristle brushes could be a problem for some.  Overall though,  I really enjoy this collection.  The Colourpop eyeshadow quality is really great, and with the super affordable price, you can’t go wrong.  I also think that you can create both soft and bold looks with this particular quad’s colors, which is really nice for versatility.  Let me know if you have this collection, or Colourpop eyeshadows in general, and what you think!

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