Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Too faced sweet peach palette

Hey guys!  If you’ve been around the beauty community at all lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  I was so excited for this to come out and that I was able to grab one.  I know they have been constantly out of stock online and people have been having a hard time getting it.  Honestly, I probably just got lucky, but I just went to my local Ulta and picked one up.

Let’s just be real here.  One of the main reason I wanted this was because of the packaging.  It is just so cute!  It comes in just the most adorable tin, embossed with little peaches.  Also, the other main reason is that it actually smells like peaches.  No joke, it smells so good.  It’s not overly strong or perfume-y scent.  It is a subtle pleasant smell, like actual peaches.  I swear, it makes applying your eyeshadow 10X more fun.

This palette is not only super fun, but the eyeshadows are great quality as well.  So, it really is the best of both worlds.  They are all super pigmented, soft, and easy to blend.  Not to mention the colors are just beautiful.  This palette just screams spring/summer to me, with all the peachy pops of color.  But, this palette is also a great every day option as well.  There is such a balanced variety of colors, as well as mattes vs shimmers.  You can create so many different looks with this one palette.  My personal favorite shade is ‘candied peach’, it is such a unique and beautiful color.  It is a matte perfect peachy pink shade with flecks of pink glitter in it.  Some other favorites of mine are ‘summer yum’, ‘just peachy’,  ‘bellini’, ‘peach pit’, ‘charmed I’m sure’, and ‘bless her heart’.  Also, can we talk about how cute the color names are?  It makes me want to channel my inner southern belle.

too faced sweet peach palette

Overall, I just love this palette.  I find myself reaching for it all the time now.  It retails for $49, which isn’t too bad in my opinion since you get 18 shades.  You can purchase it at Sephora, Ulta, and of course at Too Faced themselves.  Let me know if you guys have tried this palette out and what you think of it!

Too faced sweet peach palette

Swatches run vertically left to right.

Too faced sweet peach palette

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