laura lee x violet voss palette

Violet Voss X Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette

violet voss x laura lee palette

Hey everyone, today’s post is going to be about the Violet Voss X Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette!  Not going to lie, I was pretty excited about this palette when I first heard about it.  First, I love Laura Lee and have been watching her Youtube channel for a long time.  Second, I’ve been wanting to try a Violet Voss palette ever since there was a lot of buzz going around about how great their Holy Grail palette was.  So let’s get into it!

So, if you love neutrals, especially warm neutrals, you are probably going to love this palette.  This palette contains 20 eyeshadows-10 matte shades and 10 shimmer shades, so it is nicely balanced in that regard.  The matte shades are super smooth and buttery feeling, as are the shimmers.  All of the shades are super pigmented as well.  You are able to get the most out of the shimmer shades by foiling them with a setting spray on your brush (or water even), though they still look really pretty as is.  The matte shades are super easy to work with, they aren’t patchy and blend out really nicely.

I really like the shade selection in this palette-the color story really makes sense to me and I don’t have to put a ton of thought into color combinations and creating a cohesive look.  That being said, you still get some pops of color in the shimmers, so you can get creative and bring the drama as well.  My favorite shimmer shades are ‘1988’, ‘Rammer Jammer’, and ‘Fleeky’.  My favorite matte shades are ‘Raga Muffin’, ‘Fried’, and ‘Alabama’.  I also really like how there is both an ivory shade (‘Basic’) and a black shade (‘Lou’), I feel like this really makes it a complete palette so that you don’t have to go into other palettes for these.  I really love the names of the shades as well, I think they are really cute with their southern-esque inspiration and its very ‘Laura Lee’.

This palette retails for $45.00, which I don’t think is too badly priced considering you get 20 decently sized pans.  Since they are so pigmented that you just barely have to dip your brush in to get great color payoff, I can see this palette lasting a while too.  I also really like the sleek packaging,  the palette is a bit large in overall size, but it is super thin so it’s not too  cumbersome.  The palette does have a mirror as well, if that’s something you look for in your eyeshadow palettes.  The only con I have for this palette is the shade ‘Smashlee’.  It is a very beautiful shade in the pan, but I had a lot of trouble blending this one out for some reason.  Also, it didn’t translate the same onto my eye as it does in the pan color wise.  Other than that though, overall, I think it is a great quality everyday palette that you can create a lot of beautiful looks with and I would definitely recommend it, especially if you really love those warm neutral shades like I do.  Let me know if you have tried this palette and what you think of it!


Mini Tutorial

Below, is a simple warm neutral look that I created with this palette.  First, I put ‘basic’ all over my lid to make everything super easy to blend.  I then used ‘britches’ as my transition shade in the upper crease.  On top of that I layered ‘mama bird’ and ‘raga muffin’, each one a bit lower in the crease, to create a smooth gradient transition.  I then built up ‘alabama’ onto the outer v of the lid, and sweeping it just a tad into the crease.  I also added the slightest bit of ‘whiskers’ onto the outer v as well to add a bit more depth, keeping it pretty tight towards the other edge of the lid.  I then packed the shade ‘sugah’ on the inner part of the lid (about halfway), and used a touch of ‘alabama’ to blend it into the outer part of the lid for a smooth transition.  Next, I took ‘alabama’ onto the lower lashline,  using the most pigment in the outer corner, and dragging it towards the inner corner.  Lastly, I used a mix of ‘raga muffin’ and ‘mama bird’ on the lashline to blend ‘alabama’ out, so that it wasn’t too harsh.

violet voss x laura lee palette






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