2016 Trend: Glossy Skin

glossy skinHey everyone!  One of the newer trends that has been seen on the runway and such lately has been glossy skin.  Especially over the last year, shimmery powder and liquid hightlighters have taken the beauty world by storm.  But this year, it seems as if the new trend may be a more natural glow.  This is created by applying a beauty oil,  Vaseline, or similar type product, to the skin.  This would be lightly dabbed onto the skin in the same places that  you would normally highlight-the top of the cheekbones, above the eyebrows, cupids bow, etc.

 Normally with this look, you would tend to keep your other makeup very soft, natural, and neutral looking to really create a healthy fresh glowing face.  This method is to mimic the natural sheen that your own body would produce, like when you lightly sweat.  Now, when creating this look it is key to not over apply product because you don’t want it to look like you are over oily or sweating profusely, you just want enough to create a healthy looking sheen.

I’m not so sure if this trend will really take off into the mainstream beauty world this year or not.  I feel like this look is not something that will work for a lot of people, especially those with oily or problem skin.  It has the high danger of simply looking too oily or sweaty.  Plus if you need to use quite a bit of foundation or concealer to cover up problems such as acne, redness, or hyperpigmentation, it might make your makeup messy,  wear off, and hard to touch up.  Not to mention that everyone is still obsessed over powder/liquid  hightlighters still, because they are just so beautiful and versatile for many skin types.  So in this case, I would rate this trend a Not.  Let me know what you think!

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