Too Faced Peanut Butter Palette

too faced peanut butterHey everyone!  Today I’m going to be talking about the Too Faced Peanut Butter Palette!  The whole idea behind this palette was just too cute to pass up; I mean who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly?!  Plus, it actually smells like peanut butter!  Though, if you ask me it kind of smells more like chocolate and peanut butter mixed, which smells amazing by the way.  Honestly, Too Faced is really killing it lately with their new products. 

This palette has 9 colors in it, 3 of which are larger.  All of the colors are more on the neutral side with warm browns and ivories, except for the 2 pops of purple which represent the ‘jelly’ shades.  Also, the peanut butter themed names of the shades are too adorable, such as ‘nuts about u’, ‘spread the love’, ‘jammin’, and ‘extra creamy’.  There are 3 matte shades and the rest are shimmers, all of which are super soft and creamy and have great pigment.  They are also super blendable.  The only really negative thing I have to say about this palette is that I wish that they had included one more matte shade, one that is a lighter brown to use as a transition shade for the crease.  My favorite colors in this palette are ‘jelly’, a super bright shimmery purple, ‘nuts about u’, a very warm terracotta brown, and ‘spread the love’, a really pretty light pink shade with peachy/pink glitter.  

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2016 Trend: Glossy Skin

glossy skinHey everyone!  One of the newer trends that has been seen on the runway and such lately has been glossy skin.  Especially over the last year, shimmery powder and liquid hightlighters have taken the beauty world by storm.  But this year, it seems as if the new trend may be a more natural glow.  This is created by applying a beauty oil,  Vaseline, or similar type product, to the skin.  This would be lightly dabbed onto the skin in the same places that  you would normally highlight-the top of the cheekbones, above the eyebrows, cupids bow, etc.

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DIY Lipstick

diy lipstickHi guys!  So I found this amazing idea on Pinterest-DIY lipstick!!  This looked so easy that I just had to try it out for myself.  Now, to be honest, it almost made me even more skeptical as to how this would actually turn out because it was so simple.  Does anyone else relate to this?  Anyway, here is all that you will need to make your own lipstick:  any loose pigment of your choosing and a lip balm product.  Literally, that is it.  So easy!

So I didn’t have any loose pigment that I wanted to part with on this experiment.  Instead, I went to Target and bought 2 inexpensive blushes.  I used blushes because they seemed way more pigmented than any eyeshadow that I could find there, plus they come in nice shades that could double as lip colors.  I bought NYX Cosmetics High Definition Blush in Electro and CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in True Plum.  As you can see, the NYX was a super hot pink color, and the Covergirl one was a nice mauve color.

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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip

colourpop ultra satin lipHi everyone!  Colourpop is one of the most hot, up and coming brands right now.  Not only do they have great quality products, but they are super affordable as well!  Today I’m reviewing the new Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip.  I’ve tried a few other products from Colourpop and loved them,  so I was super excited to try out this new lip product.

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Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Too faced sweet peach palette

Hey guys!  If you’ve been around the beauty community at all lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  I was so excited for this to come out and that I was able to grab one.  I know they have been constantly out of stock online and people have been having a hard time getting it.  Honestly, I probably just got lucky, but I just went to my local Ulta and picked one up.

Let’s just be real here.  One of the main reason I wanted this was because of the packaging.  It is just so cute!  It comes in just the most adorable tin, embossed with little peaches.  Also, the other main reason is that it actually smells like peaches.  No joke, it smells so good.  It’s not overly strong or perfume-y scent.  It is a subtle pleasant smell, like actual peaches.  I swear, it makes applying your eyeshadow 10X more fun.

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