2017 Trend – Natural Eyebrows

Natural eyebrows

Eyebrows have been a very important part of the makeup scene for years now, but recently they have become one of the biggest trends in the beauty community.  In fact,  many will say they feel naked without their brows done.  Particularly, the ‘brows on fleek’ trend has taken the world by storm.  ‘Brows on fleek’, if you don’t already know, refers to a very filled in architectural brow.  This usually has very sharp, clean edges – especially on the tail of the brow.  This is especially great for those who have very sparse or minimal brow hairs.  This look especially leaked its way into the everyday world through beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts on Youtube and Instagram.

But, recently, I’ve noticed that ‘brows on fleek’ are starting to lose their popularity in favor of a more ‘natural’ brow instead.  I say ‘natural’ because, of course with most makeup, it’s not natural at all.  But, it has a more natural feel as in it is less sharp and architectural, and more simple and undone instead.  The brows are still filled in with products such as pencils and pomades, but they are done so in a way that makes it look more like natural hairs and only where sparse, instead of just heavily filling the entire brow area in.  Also, there is more of a focus on emphasizing the brow hairs, especially by combing them in a way to create a feathery, almost bushy, look.  This look also tends to utilize the natural shape of the brow.  The focus is turned into simply emphasizing your natural brow, as opposed to creating a whole new brow.

I think this trend towards more natural eyebrows is definitely hot and is going to become increasingly popular this year.  Personally, I’m looking forward to this trend because let’s be honest, creating brows on fleek is no simple task and I  enjoy the less harsh look of a natural brow.  Let me know what you think!  Do you like more natural brows or brows on fleek?

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