Berrisom Peel Off Lip Tint


Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint

Hi everyone!  Today I am going to talk about the Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint!  If you haven’t seen any of the peel off makeup products from Korean beauty that have fascinated us all, then where have you been??  The peel off brow and lip stains have been the latest beauty fads, mostly because it’s such a fun and intriguing idea.  (I did order and am waiting for the peel off brow tint as well, so stay tuned for that!)  There are some other brands that carry the peel off tints, but Berrisom seems to be the best and the most popular.  I went ahead and ordered the pack of 6, because why not?

So, I watched my fair share of Youtube videos before using this product myself, with some mixed reviews.  But, one thing I did get from it is that using a lip brush to apply a thin layer is the best way to use this product.  Which I understand now, because this stuff is seriously sticky and can be a bit difficult to work with.  I applied mine with a brush and it was pretty easy actually, just make sure you apply a thin, even layer and that you work quickly because they more time it has on your lips, the stickier it becomes.  After you apply it, I suggest not closing your mouth until it is dry because your lips will stick together and create a giant mess.  This will make you a drooly mouth breather, but it’s just part of the process.  The color I tried out here is ‘Vivid Scarlet’.

Berrisom oops my lip tint

Drooly mouth breather mode.

When it finally dries, which takes about 2-5 minutes depending on how thick you layer it, you just peel it off.  I don’t know what it is about peeling things off your skin, but this part is really fun and satisfying in a weird gross way.  It does subtly tint your lips (it was a bit darker in person than it is translating in the pictures), but it does so kind of unevenly.  It tints the inside of your lips way darker than the outside, which is kind of unflattering.  You kind of end up looking like a child who just ate a popsicle.  I did exfoliate my lips before using this as well to try and avoid this problem.

berrisom oops my lip tint   13336362_10100817399317441_456101954_n

I didn’t feel as if these made my lips overly dry afterwards, but I thought I’d try to apply some balm hoping it would help the tint look better.  It made them look a bit better, but nothing drastic, aka the ring  around the inside was still quite noticeable.

berrisom oops my lip tint  berrisom oops my lip tint

Overall, this is a fun product to use and it does work.  I put the tint on at night and it lasted until I took a shower the next morning, so it has pretty good lasting power.  The only negative thing is the darker inside ring that it leaves, instead of applying evenly.  Though to be honest, I’ve had this problem with other lip tints.  There are 6 colors available:  Sexy Red, Vivid Scarlet, Pure Pink, Virgin Red, Bubble Pink, and Lovely Peach.  The pack of 6 was only around $20, which isn’t bad.  Let me if you have tried any of these peel off lip tints and what you thought!

berrisom oops my lip tint

Top to bottom: Sexy Red, Bubble Pink, Pure Pink, Lovely Peach, Vivid Scarlet, Virgin Red

berrisom oops my lip tint

Helpful hint: Do not swatch all the colors on your forearm, because you will have to go to work with your arm stained for the next 2 days…



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