DIY Lip Scrub

lip scrub            lip scrub

Hi guys!  So I was browsing on Pinterest (as per usual) and I kept coming across all these lip scrubs that you can make at home.  I was immediately drawn to this idea because I love matte lip products, so my lips tend to get pretty dry no matter how much lip balm I seem to use.  So, I thought it would be fun to try, plus it looked really easy – which is my speed when it comes to craftiness.  I chose one that boasted to be similar to the ones you can buy at Lush, because you can make different flavors and they are totally edible!  I have used and enjoyed the lip scrubs at Lush, so I was pretty excited.

Here is the recipe:

1 teaspoon of olive oil

2  teaspoons of granulated sugar (add extra for desired texture)

1 drop of flavor extract (for example, vanilla extract)

1 or 2 drops of food coloring (optional)

Basically, you just mix all the ingredients together and tada-your very own lip scrub!  The flavor extract is where you can really get creative, these can be found at your local grocery store, I found mine in the spice/baking section.  I got hazelnut and raspberry flavoring, which were so yummy smelling and tasting!  Also, you can go a step further and add some food coloring to really make it your own.  You may want to use a color within the pink/red/orange range, in case it stains your lips a bit.  Mine did not stain my lips, and as you can see I made mine bright orange and purple.  You can even put it in a cute little container for storage, if you want to be extra fancy!  I used the containers from some lip products that I depot-ted that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

I thought this homemade lip scrub was a really cute idea, plus I felt like it did the job just as good as the Lush ones-but for way cheaper.  Once you have the ingredients, you can make them over and over.  Actually, the ones I made left my lips more moisturized feeling after compared to Lush, probably from the olive oil.  Also, it was easier to apply.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Lush ones can be a bit of a struggle to apply because its just so crumbly that it gets everywhere.  Let me know if you tried this and what you thought!

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