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diy lipstickHi guys!  So I found this amazing idea on Pinterest-DIY lipstick!!  This looked so easy that I just had to try it out for myself.  Now, to be honest, it almost made me even more skeptical as to how this would actually turn out because it was so simple.  Does anyone else relate to this?  Anyway, here is all that you will need to make your own lipstick:  any loose pigment of your choosing and a lip balm product.  Literally, that is it.  So easy!

So I didn’t have any loose pigment that I wanted to part with on this experiment.  Instead, I went to Target and bought 2 inexpensive blushes.  I used blushes because they seemed way more pigmented than any eyeshadow that I could find there, plus they come in nice shades that could double as lip colors.  I bought NYX Cosmetics High Definition Blush in Electro and CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in True Plum.  As you can see, the NYX was a super hot pink color, and the Covergirl one was a nice mauve color.

I also bought two different types of balm.  I chose the squeeze tubes because it just seemed like it would be less messy.  I ended up getting the clear Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing, which is similar to what the Pinterest post that I saw used, and I also got the old school Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment.  The reason I got the Blistex one as well was because I knew it was white, as opposed to the clear Vaseline, and I thought that it might be able to provide more pigment since I knew that using Vaseline would make it sheer due to the nature of the product.  This turned out to be correct.  The Blistex formula was way more pigmented and more of a creamy consistency and look, whereas the Vaseline formula was still pigmented, but a lot more sheer like a gloss.  I did test both to show the difference, but I ended up making my main lipsticks with the Blistex because I just like the consistency and pigmentation better.  It’s really your choice on which suits your style more, because both were very pretty.

diy lipstick diy lipstick

Basically, to make these I just scraped each blush out into a little dish and crushed it up until a powder.  From there I simply squeezed the lip balm (I used 3 tubes of Blistex) into the containers that I wanted my lipsticks in (I used two little empty Vaseline lip product containers that I saved).  I then spooned the pigment into the container as well and mixed it with a toothpick.  How much pigment you want to add depends on how pigmented you want your lip product to be.  I wanted mine to be very pigmented, so I actually ended up using almost all the powder in each (minus some spillage, oops!).  Word to the wise, if you use a lot of pigment like I did and also a dark or bright color, it may stain your lips.

diy lipstick

Blistex formulas on left, Vaseline on right

To be honest, I was so surprised how well these DIY lipsticks actually turned out!   I definitely will be using these in the future, which I really wasn’t expecting.  They were super pigmented like any lipstick you would buy at the store.  They were also felt so nice on the lip, they weren’t sticky or thick feeling, but were very creamy at the same time.  And what’s more, you get the added bonus of the Blistex to nourish and protect your lips!  I also used the medicated Blistex, so it gave a nice cooling sensation as well, which I enjoyed.  The hot pink color that I used did leave a slight stain on my lips after taking it off, which I actually really loved.  The stain looked way nicer than any lip staining product I’ve ever used, which tend to leave a patchy stain, and it even lasted until I woke up the next morning (I did apply this pretty late at night).  I would definitely recommend trying this out yourself, it was super easy and fun!  Let me know if you do (or have) and what you think!

diy lipstick

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